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Want to enhance your cricket abilities by discovering the best cricket betting sites? Read on if you’re curious about online cricket betting but need help knowing where to start. Our comprehensive guide to online cricket betting covers everything. 

From registering on trustworthy platforms to making your first wager, our staffs are ready to assist. Explore the intriguing cricket betting markets, read about notable tournaments like the Twenty20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League, and determine what factors are most essential when picking a betting service. 

We aim to create a winning betting strategy but will also consider other essential tips. Whether you enjoy cricket or are new to online betting, you should improve your cricket betting skills now. 

What is Online Cricket Betting?

Online cricket betting involves betting on cricket matches, tournaments, and other events on betting websites. The incident may occur before and during matches.

To guarantee a risk-free betting experience for beginners, find reliable and specialised sports betting website that matches your demands. Create an account to be verified on their site. Due to monetary requirements, several websites need deposits to give welcome bonuses. After enrolling, you can compare odds and markets to play various cricket matches, games, and tournaments.

How we picked the best betting sites for online cricket betting

Indian gamers have plenty of online sports betting platforms. These organisations must provide a high-quality cricket betting offering as India is obsessed with the sport. Being without it considerably raises their chances of failing. To enable flexibility, sports betting options should be many.

Indian residents have several betting exchange sites to choose from. Providing odds on several cricket tournaments is not enough for a good betting service.

Our rating algorithm works hard to discover a cricket betting site that fits all the requirements and provides you with a great experience in betting on cricket.

The key areas of our expert study for assessing if internet bookmakers are advantageous for betting are as follows:


We ensure the cricket website’s gaming license is legitimate and from a recognised country like the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao. They have many important certifications, including Directors with spotless records after thorough background checks, anti-money laundering procedures, and enough cash to pay winners—even if they’ve lost a lot of money. 

By safety, we mean it contains software that protects your money and personal data from being shared, stolen, or sold.

Market Variety

This refers to two different things. First, the betting website offers Formula 1, tennis, football, and cricket. 

Second, the cricket market is varied, with markets for the winner’s line, first-innings run the line, best bowler, top batsman, and man-of-the-match. All of these markets have different items. 

Cricket betting odds

You should be liberal with odds or price after considering your competition. We understand that no betting site can provide the best odds on every market. But we still believe they should have the best chances on specific markets and virtually always competitive pricing.

Bonus and Promotion

Free bets, deposit and reload bonuses, and price increases are common promotions to keep customers happy.

More of them and better contributions benefit them. Top cricket betting sites have year-round sales because of this.

Multiple Payment Options

As the saying goes, “more is better,” and providing clients with more payment alternatives provides them with more choices. Google Wallet, Paytm, UPI, IMPS, and bank transfers are popular Indian payment methods. Importantly, India uses these payment methods more than any other place. A gambler can choose a website with more betting options. Additionally, incentives will encourage new users to join up for banking.

Customer support

The website must have knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful customer service professionals since problems can arise. Thus, the website can remain a beneficial gambling resource.

Additionally, having as many methods to reach them as possible is beneficial. Telegram and Live Chat are other good starting points. Other than that, email and phone are good starting points. If you need help applying for sports bonus or deposit options, you can contact them via any of these methods. Your questions will be addressed shortly. 

How to Sign up or Create an Account?

Register with the website after finding the best cricket betting site. The technique is straightforward, so you won’t need to work hard to follow it.

  • After choosing a reliable betting site, visit the account creation page.
  • Please provide your name, gender, DOB, SSN, address, mobile phone number, email, and social security number. Choose a security question and answer to submit information.
  • Enter your secret password and ID here. Your account details should never be shared, so preserve them. 
  • Numerous online betting sites accept numerous payment methods. This includes digital money, online bank transactions, electronic wallets, credit, and debit. 
  • After choosing a payment method, deposit to start betting online. You may get a bonus now.
  • How to place a bet at cricket betting sites

How to place a bet at cricket betting sites

Learn how to bet on cricket online with this detailed instruction. You will also get a quick overview of cricket entrance requirements.

  • Choosing a reliable online bookmaker for cricket betting is vital.
  • When you sign up, the bookmaker’s website asks for your name, email, and payment information. Carefully provide all required information.
  • You can fund your betting account via electronic wallets, bank transfers, blockchain technologies, bitcoin, credit/debit cards, or electronic wallets.
  • Selecting a cricket match or event is the first stage in betting. Bookmaker odds encompass match winner, top batsman, and total runs scored.
  • Choose your bet as you go.
  • You must wager the whole sum for each option.
  • Watch the cricket and record your bets.
  • If you win, withdraw from your betting account. Before taking any action, learn about the bookmaker’s withdrawal options.

Cricket Betting Offers & Free Bet

Due to fierce cricket betting competition, the best services provide free bets and other sports incentives to attract and reward consumers. Sports betting has many typical bonus kinds and terms. Welcome incentives demonstrate this program. Remember that each bookmaker has its terms and conditions.

The finest sites for Indian cricket bettors provide deposit-matching incentives as welcome bonuses. Only newly registered users can access these. For instance, Luckster offers a welcome prize of up to ₹10,000 to new players who complete the registration process. A consumer can start cricket betting with a ₹20,000 bankroll by depositing ₹10,000 and receiving an extra ₹10,000 as part of the deal.

Before cashing out your cricket bonus, you must follow all offer terms. The wagering requirement, minimum betting odds, and maximum win limitations are examples. Bonus monies must be “rolled over” (betted) times before becoming genuine money.

Some betting sites provide incentives and free bets without a deposit. Despite their small market share, they provide tremendous value and risk-free cricket betting.

Payment Methods

The best cricket betting websites use secure payment methods to process payments quickly. E-wallets, debit cards, and bank transfers are the main ways Indian players make simultaneous deposits and withdrawals. Below are some common payment choices for betting website users:

  • PayTM
  • PhonePe
  • UPI
  • Crypto
  • NetBanking
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • EazyPay
  • Mastercard
  • RuPay
  • AstroPay Cards

Every bookmaker has minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, which you must follow.

Why Try Cricket Betting?

Due of India’s vast cricket fan base, cricket betting appeals to many cricket fans. Joining an online cricket betting site has several perks, and we have just touched the surface. Here are some benefits:

Regular Sports

Many cricket tournaments and leagues are held in India and other major cities. Bets on future and live cricket matches on betting sites might earn rupees. The best cricket firms cover the World Cup, Indian Premier League, Twenty20, Ashes, Test Series, One-Day Internationals, and other sports.

Fantastic Betting Market

Online cricket bookies provide great betting markets. Cricket matches have several outcomes on which to wager. These are tournament top-seeded team futures bets. In addition to pre-match and live betting, several new gambling opportunities are offered. Players have set records for sixes, wickets, and runs.

Live Gameplay

Most cricket betting sites broadcast the most popular matches live because they know how vital live action is. Live odds let you watch the action, wager, and support your side without leaving the website.

Most Popular Cricket Bets

Money bets on cricket matches have several choices. Each online betting provider we recommend offers competitive cricket odds for a broad range of outcomes. Cricket fans can place pre-game, in-play, outright, and multiway bets. Whatever your cricket betting style—general or targeted—our recommended bookmakers will help. This applies whether you want to be comprehensive or narrow. Hundreds of cricket betting markets are available every week, including popular ones like:

Top bowler

The best cricket bowler has the most wickets in the end. This bowling team sends the most batters to the pavilion. It is not required to indicate how many individuals a bowler will dismiss, so you can only estimate who will take the most wickets by looking at them.

Player Run

Cricket’s goal is to score more runs than the other team, measured by player runs. Since batters score runs, you can bet on who will score the most in a match or test series.


The overruns bet lets cricket fans wager on how many runs a person or team will score in an over (six balls). This kind of betting enables you to wager on many players.

Method of wicket

A batter may be out from the game if the ball hits the stumps, is caught, is run out on the way back to the wicket, touches the ball with his leg before hitting, or is sent off for an infringement. This list includes only a few methods to get a wicket. Wicket wagering lets you bet on these outcomes.

Man of the Match

Cricket betting includes man of the match. This bet is less reliant on game results and player stats like runs scored or wickets taken. By betting, you anticipate that an athlete will excel in a match or test series and win the title of top player.

Win the Toss

Betting on a cricket team to win the toss is like betting on heads or tails: Team A or B will win. Your wager depends on the competition’s ultimate score.

Match Winner

Cricket match-winning bets need choosing the winner. Selecting the winner is simpler than predicting the score, runs, or wickets.

Total Innings Run

A team must bat for an innings in cricket. Total innings run equals team run total. Either play continues until one hitter remains, or an innings is a set number of overs. The number of runs a team scores in innings may be a bet.

The Most Important Cricket Leagues And Tournaments

Twenty20 cricket has been popular recently, leading to more domestic Twenty20 competitions each year. Each contest has something unique item. Fans from around India may enjoy the several cricket leagues and tournaments. Among other things, every cricket gambler awaits:


The Indian Premier League is the best domestic Twenty20 tournament worldwide. Though it has the most supporters and best players, it is also the most expensive. Ten franchises compete for the championship, chosen annually in April and May.

T20 World Cup

India was the first team to win the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007. The latest England win was in 2022. Virat Kohli has the highest number of runs in the game, with 1,141. He has scored the most runs ever. In 2024, the West Indies and US will host.


The Ashes are played every two years between England and Australia. Each team alternates hosting the competition, usually in English. In addition to being the longest-running cricket tournament, the Lord’s Trophy has five tests.

ODI Cricket World Cup

The One-Day International Cricket World Cup returns every four years since its 1975 debut. In the Cricket World Cup, England is unmatched. They won the 2019 event in a thrilling final against New Zealand. England won the title despite Australia’s record five wins.

Asia Cup

Male cricketers from Asian countries compete in the Asia Cup. ACC Cup is sometimes called the ACC Men’s Asia Cup. Teams can choose Twenty20 or One Day International.

Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Pakistan hosts the professional Twenty20 cricket event Pakistan Super League (PSL). PSL has been a very popular basketball league since its 2016 debut. Multiple franchise teams representing different cities evaluate factors. With all the games, playoffs, and championship matches, adding this competition to Twenty20 cricket will be exciting.

The County Championship

County Championship cricket pits England and Wales against one other. This section features top-tier teams from various countries. Since 1890, this cricket event has been one of the world’s oldest and most important.

How to build the best cricket betting strategy

To earn money betting on cricket, you need a market-specific approach considering several elements. Many factors must be considered. Before entering the outright win market, examine these factors:

  • Review of the investigated teams’ existing and projected rosters.
  • Which team to emphasise depends on players’ present and future performances.
  • The team’s individual rankings.
  • Batting or bowling first and the coin toss determine the ultimate advantage.
  • Which team will be better on that day, depending on the wicket?
  • Which weather condition would affect the contest more, rain or dew?
  • In test matches, one side must decide whether to play to a draw or give 110% to win.

Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Online betting websites, especially cricket betting sites, aren’t illegal. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 is the sole Indian gaming legislation. It was enacted before the internet, thus this regulation does not include online gambling.

Thus, foreign companies can legally provide Indian gamers with cricket betting or online casino services. Offshore bookmakers could only accept Indian Rupee deposits at one time. There have been no arrests of Indian consumers using online betting platforms.


What is cricket betting?

Cricket betting is using internet software to bet on cricket matches and tournaments. 

Is cricket betting legal?

Like many other nations, India allows cricket betting via approved online betting companies. 

How do I start cricket betting?

To bet on cricket, find a trusted betting service, register an account, deposit cash, and make your bets on your favorite matches or events. 

What types of bets can I place on cricket?

Cricket betting includes match winner, best bowler, total runs scored, man of the match, and many more. 

Are there any risks involved in cricket betting? 

Cricket betting, like any gambling, involves risk. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and take full responsibility for your bets. 

How do I know if a betting site is reliable?

Look for betting sites with legal gaming licenses, good user ratings, secure payment options, and superb customer service. 

Are there any bonuses or promotions for cricket betting?

Many cricket betting websites provide bonuses and special incentives, expanding the variety. Examples include matching deposits, free bets, and welcome incentives. Before accepting offers with conditions and limits, read them carefully. 

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