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Have you considered that specific slot machines pay out more than others? All slot players want to win the jackpot. However, particular machines seem more challenging to win at. The RTP % is crucial while searching for slots with the lowest payouts.

Slot machine return to player (RTP) is the money a player receives back on their bets. Slot machines with a higher RTP are more useful and pay out more regularly. Loose slot Machines have an RTP of 97% or above. A tight slot machine has an RTP of 94% or below.

Playing slot machines with a high RTP increases your odds of winning. This also has a range of issues. Tight slots and unpaying machines exist. This guide will explain how to identify loose slot machines and avoid tight ones that never pay.

Which Slots Are Loose and Which Are Tight?

To find loose slot machines, you must know what makes them loose. Knowing this lets you express the opposite—what makes a slot lose? After learning this, you can accomplish everything. Online casinos consider a slot machine “loose” if its RTP is at least 97% from the start.

Hence, “What exactly is RTP?” “Return to Player” is commonly abbreviated. One figure reflects the average long-term gain a player will make. The average return describes this value. RTP, or return to player percentage, indicates how loose a slot machine is.

Average online slot machines have RTPs of 95% to 96%. Slot machines with RTPs fewer than 94% are “tight.” Midrange slots are labelled “tight.” You only need to verify the numbers and spin the reels. Fixing the issue may require further steps.

Variation is another critical consideration. More specifically, most online slot machines give either more minor, more frequent winnings or more significant, less frequent wins. The reason you wish to play will determine which group is suitable for you.

Where to find loose slots?

Each participant must determine which slot machine offers the highest payoff percentage. The easiest option is to use the RTP slot. RTP ranges from 97% to 96%, with 97% being the centre ground and 94% the lowest. Which slot machines offer the most significant potential prizes depends on the return to player %.

Many developers provide slot machine RTPs. If you’d rather simplify things, several of the finest iPad casinos’ websites include all their slot machines. VideoSlots has completed the race by listing the precise RTP for each slot machine under “Payouts” on their website.

Additionally, you may sort by highest or lowest awards. VideoSlots users say the three most generous slot machines are on one website. These slots feature Mega Joker, Ooh Aah Dracula, and Nemo’s Voyage. Everyone pays 99%. Professional blackjack’s three most successful variations—low limits, regular, and high limits—use a single deck. The return to player rate is 99.8%.

Sometimes, the most profitable ones could be more entertaining. Play three of VideoSlots’ most lucrative slots. All these slot machines are primary. Mega Joker features three rows and five paylines. None of the visuals or features stands out. Despite their current looks, Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula need modern functionality and visuals.

The Role of RTP in Slot Machines

The machine’s return to the player (RTP) is crucial. These slot machines have a 97% RTP, indicating poor performance. Therefore, gamers will only receive $9,700 back for their $10,000 slot machine investment, while the casino will collect $300. Thus, a 3% advantage is acquired.

However, a modest but significant alteration occurs. The slot machine’s percentage return cannot determine its profitability. Thus, this contradiction exists because the slot machine is liberal regardless of its payout. How many consumers spend gives the casino an advantage, not how much one player wins.

A $100 slot machine with a 93% return to player rate may not refund $93 after the game. Thus, the machine’s average payback rate will remain constant. Some will lose all their money, while others will gain little. You can’t predict who will be in the dark spot.

This suggests that RTPs of 90, 93, and 99 are similar. A player has a higher chance of winning at a slot machine if the casino has less of an advantage.


RTP and volatility are the most essential factors in discovering loose slot machines in online Casinos. This isn’t the only factor to consider, but a greater return to player percentage (RTP) typically suggests a better probability of winning over time. Your experiences may determine whether you desire many little triumphs or fewer large ones.

Slot machine RTP and variance may help you pick games based on your preferences. It may seem that slot machines with a high return to player percentage (RTP) are more profitable, but having fun is equally crucial.

More straightforward slot machines with a lower RTP may still be entertaining and profitable. The finest slot machine for you fits your style and is enjoyable and exciting. Remember the return to player percentage (RTP) and game unpredictability while spinning the wheels to find your preferred games. This is true whether you want to win big or have fun.

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