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Curious about how to play Craps? Its simple rules and fun gameplay make this a traditional dice game. By betting on dice rolls, players try to predict sequences and numbers. Craps is an online casino game where you bet on the roll.

It offers several betting and strategy alternatives. Mastering the “pass line” bet and point figures makes gaming more fun. The rules and foundations of playing will be covered in this extensive explanation.

What is Craps?

Craps players bet using a table, chips, and two dice. The goal is to approximate the shooter’s dice roll. A craps table may seat twenty people, and rounds are played. In each round, players take turns firing and rolling dice.

Basic Craps Rules

The rules of craps are the same whether you play in a casino or online:

  • Begin with a bet: Craps usually start with a ‘pass line’ bet. You’re betting on the dice falling on seven or eleven (the “pass the line” choice) or two, three, or twelve (the “don’t pass” option).
  • Roll the dice: The shooter starts the game with the first dice roll, or “come out roll.”
  • Check your first bet: Pass line bets win immediately if the come-out roll is seven or eleven. Non-passing bets go if the dice fall on 2, 3, or 12. Your pass or not pass bets will be considered for future rolls even if the dice fall on a number other than nine.
  • Create a focal point: The ‘point’ on the craps table is the number the dice fall on following the come-out roll. Alternatives include five, six, eight, nine, and 10. The game and pass/no pass bets continue until the point number rolls over again or a seven is rolled.
  • Add to your bets: After creating a point, you may wager that the dice will fall on the point, another number, or a seven to forfeit your money.
  • Continue shooting: If the shooter scores a seven or point, they’ll keep rolling, and you may keep wagering.
  • Finish the round: Pass-line bets are rewarded if the point comes before a 7. Bets on the pass line are voided if a seven is rolled before the point, but do not pass bets are paid out.

Although these are the essentials, understanding bets and prizes may improve your gaming abilities. For your next online craps game, you’ll play like a pro.

The Craps Table Explained

After learning the principles and foundations of craps, explore the various bets. Before continuing, we must understand craps regulations and appropriate play.

Craps table layout and design are the same. The games are the same as in a land-based casino, but dealers may handle more players. Online casinos only show one side of a craps table. You are the sole participant.

You may bet differently on each craps table segment. Place your chips on the table to indicate your wager and amount. Your stake depends on how many chips you lay down.

Craps tables have a Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar, Big 6, Big 8, Field, Come and Don’t Come, Place, and Center. This section contains the massive six and gigantic eight.

Dice patterns are commonly shown in the middle of the table where players wager. Players may pick from many dice-based bets at each step. Each craps variant has different odds and house edges.

How to play craps for beginners?

When played at an online casino, craps has certain distinctive layout adjustments but no rule changes. Our detailed tutorial will help you learn how to play craps at casino and win quickly:

  • Find a casino: You may select many great online casinos. Before investing real money, you may play for free to gain a feel for the game, bets, and rewards.
  • Create an Account: Signing up with your preferred casino is essential. Provide the relevant documentation as soon as feasible to speed up payment periods when you withdraw monies later. Take advantage of deposit and welcome bonuses.
  • Find a craps game: All casinos have a game for every craps player because of its wide range. Play the one you like.
  • Place your bet: You may quickly gamble on the craps table by clicking on its sections. Bets (typically at the screen’s bottom) may be increased or decreased with each spin.
  • Throw the dice: Click “Dice” before setting the dice on the table.
  • Check your winning odds: The computer will show you the dice numbers, whether you won or lost.
  • Continue playing: You must keep rolling the dice and putting bets to continue playing craps until the point or a seven is thrown.
  • Get your prizes: You may gamble again, switch craps games, or pay out your winnings after the round.

Craps Betting Tips

New Online craps gamers should avoid these mistakes:

  • Choose your bet carefully: Determine how much you can lose in many games before gambling. We recommend sticking to your budget if you like it. It should include earnings and losses.
  •  Choose a craps game that suits you: Online casinos include Bank craps, Vegas craps, and others. Before playing, ensure you understand each game’s rules and odds. This information is generally on the finest online casinos’ help pages or pay tables.
  • Check betting restrictions: At most online casinos, craps players may change their betting limits. Before the game, stakes must be raised or lowered. Playing online craps without precautions might cost you a lot.
  • Check the player’s return rate: Most online casinos provide 98.64% RTP craps. Consider visiting other online casinos if a casino’s craps games have a poor return to player percentage (RTP).
  • Use welcome bonuses: New players get bonuses for joining up at online casinos. You should always verify the wagering requirements, but these incentives might extend your games. Identify the finest casino bonuses and use casino reviews to identify the most reliable websites that provide them.


Mastering craps will take you on a thrilling trip of dice and chance. Whether played in a store or online, the goal is to estimate dice rolls and make wagers. Playing is more enjoyable if you grasp the basics, from the “pass line” bet to complex strategy. Spend less, play a game you like, and use freebies. Because craps is a game of chance and strategy, every round is different.

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