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Are you ready to improve your craps game? Craps games are both fun and challenging for beginners and experts. This article discusses the best craps books. These books covered amazing rules, terminologies, and betting techniques. Whether you’re an expert or just starting, these expertly picked crap books will take you on an exciting road to mastery.

What are the best craps books available?

Find the best craps books by considering the following:

  • Any good craps book should focus on table rules, vocabulary, and layout. It prepares you for crap games.
  • Find books about betting methods from beginner to expert. There must be careful and ambitious approaches.
  • Some books discuss dice control, including controlled throwing that may change dice rolls. Publications are dubbed “dice control techniques.”
  • Learn about limitations, wins and losses, and frequent mistakes in managing your money.
  • As you improve your skills, psychology, and attitude, live play settings and chances and probabilities can help you remain focused and in control while playing.

5 Best Craps Books

The Dice Doctor by Sam Grafstein

  • Published in 1990
  • Not translated into any other languages
  • Available in four editions
  • 117 Pages
  • For intermediate to advanced players.

Sam Grafstein’s “The Dice Doctor” is the craps-winning best practice. Grafstein explains everything about dice management, including ways to improve your throws. This is like discovering dice realm secrets. He covers mechanics from grip to throw.

The nicest thing is that Grafstein walks you through practice and exercises and shows you the movements. This is like having a craps coach at your fingertips.

Why choose “The Dice Doctor”? This is your ticket to craps magic, regardless of your dice history. Take it, roll your sleeves (or dice), and prepare to wow your opponents.

John Patrick’s Craps – Walk Out a Winner by John Patrick

  • Released in 2006
  • Untranslated into other languages
  • Sole edition published
  • Specifically designed for beginners
  • 324 pages

Famous gambler John Patrick wrote “John Patrick’s Craps: Walk out a Winner” about craps. Since it simplifies craps, this book will help beginners and pros.

Patrick discusses tactics, betting, odds, and game rules. Patrick’s proposals are especially well-received since he can simplify complex ideas. Playing properly requires self-control, and he offers bankroll management advice.

Patrick’s expertise and logic give readers a strong foundation, even if some of his responses are conservative. “John Patrick’s Craps” provides tips for beginners and pros alike to help you learn and enjoy the game.

John Patrick’s Advanced Craps

  • Published in 2000
  • Not translated into any other languages
  • Has four editions
  • Aimed at intermediate and advanced players
  • 393 pages

Before you start craps, read John Patrick’s Advanced Player’s Guide to Winning for serious gamers! It’s your VIP ticket to the next level if you’ve been there, rolled that, and want craps knowledge as sharp as your game. This book will elevate your game.

John Patrick is a craps legend, and this book is his masterpiece. Patrick teaches advanced craps tactics, including how to stack chips and raise an eyebrow. All his secret betting tactics will make you green with envy at the table. Probability analysis, odds calculation, and application are his strengths.

Patrick provides real-world strategies as well as concepts. His creative writing will make you remark, “At last, someone understands!”

“John Patrick’s Advanced Craps” is perfect for expert craps players who are looking for additional challenges. Play the odds, take advantage, and leave the table with advanced player swagger.

Winning Casino Craps by Edwin Silberstang

  • Originally released in 1979
  • Translated into French and Spanish
  • Boasts ten editions
  • Geared towards beginner players
  • 160 pages

Edwin Silberstang’s “Winning Casino Craps” is a great resource for crap beginners. This book by Silberstang takes readers on a craps trip, outlining the fundamentals and advanced tactics that may boost your chances.

The book reviews the game’s basic principles and vocabulary in an easy-to-understand approach. Silberstang discusses bets, chances, and incentives to help readers understand gambling and make informed judgments.

“Winning Casino Craps” emphasizes strategy above other craps games.  Silberstang has several betting techniques, from cautious to aggressive. He also discusses dice control methods, illustrating how players may affect a roll by tossing the dice properly.

Silberstang provides invaluable advice on money management, discipline, and game concentration throughout the book. He also discusses craps’ mental component, emphasizing the need to be cool and strategic even when the stakes are huge.

The book excels in explaining complicated concepts clearly and simply. Silberstang simplifies complex ideas to make his solutions easy to use.

Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage Play Method by Frank Scoblete

  • Released in 2004
  • Not translated into any other languages
  • Single edition available
  • Geared towards advanced players
  • 172 pages

Frank Scoblete’s “Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage-Play Method” will disclose craps’ mysteries like a mysterious book that reveals a traditional casino game‘s rules.

Scoblete’s five-step craps strategy may help you win. Be warned—this is a hard path that requires a lot of time and effort.

Scoblete takes the finer aspects as seriously as a casino. This requires financial management and intelligent betting. This craps strategy map guides you through the game like a road plan.

“Forever Craps” isn’t an easy to read, but it helps analytical players improve. Scoblete’s approach may help you win every time if you’re willing to get filthy and learn crap’s strategy.

How do I Find the Best Craps Book?

  • Consider your expertise: A book simplifying the rules is best for beginners. Complex strategy books may be more useful to experienced readers.
  • Check Review: Try to find reviews that other gamers like. This helps you measure the writing style and topic matter.
  • Contact the previous readers: Ask family, friends, or other gamblers for advice. They may know which books are best for you.
  • Verify the author: Verifying the author’s credentials is crucial. Before believing the author, examine their craps knowledge. They should be experienced players and instructors.


Choosing the right book may make a big impact whether you’re a craps novice or an experienced player looking to improve. Consider your skill level, read reviews, and ask other players for guidance. You may master the game’s complexity with proper training, from the basics to more advanced ways.

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