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Have you ever been stopped from logging into your online casino account? Various reasons may cause this uncomfortable sensation. Online casinos often block players’ accounts to keep them secure and ensure compliance. What are the typical causes of “online casino account blocked” messages?

This article examines the main reasons casinos conceal account information. Players may learn how accounts are blocked and reopened at casinos. The post also explains how to prevent account suspension, which is helpful. Online gaming is difficult, but looking at it as a whole helps.

Top Reasons Why Online Casinos Block Accounts

A significant number of login attempts

Individuals who often log in using their previous account details after being banned may have their bankroll in danger if their account is restricted. One safety aspect of online casinos is the ability to detect multiple account logins. Hackers do this repeatedly to guess the password.

Luckily, players may receive support to fix their accounts if this occurs. Locking your account alerts you to activate 2FA if someone attempts to access it. This prevents hackers from accessing the account.

Wrong verification process

After creating an online casino account, you must register. New gamers must produce a government-issued ID or other documentation to verify their account. Failure to complete it may lead to the temporary or permanent banning of their account.

The Know Your Customers (KYC) regulation requires all regulated casinos to screen potential gamblers. Game website users must meet KYC regulations. The regulations prevent website users from hiding money.

Age Related Gaming Issues

The UK Gambling Commission, like other regulating bodies, strictly prohibits youngsters from gambling. Casinos must restrict children’s play. Thus, youngsters cannot gamble in online Casinos. If a regulator discovers that a casino allows minors to play, it might lose its licence and be fined heavily.

Players who are minors are usually barred after creating an account and providing evidence of identification. After the player proves themselves, something occurs.

Duplicate Account

“One account per person” is an online casino regulation. IP addresses allow online casinos to distinguish between legitimate and phoney accounts. The casino may lock the player’s cash if they use their IP address for multiple accounts on the same site. This information is valid no matter what login or account credentials the individual uses.

Many inadvertent activities lead to numerous accounts. Players might forget their login details and create a new account to log in. When many households use the same website, accounts are more likely to be restricted.

Bonus harvesting

New players at online casinos get welcome bonuses. These incentives encourage casino account registration. Benefits include free spins and payment rewards. People who create several accounts to receive these benefits risk permanent bans.

Remember that casinos encourage players to tell friends, relatives, and anyone with the same IP address about them. Players with the same IP address are included. You may have many accounts with the same IP address as long as one person from the same residence claims the prize because just one individual claims the bonus.

Suspicious activity

A machine learning and artificial intelligence system analyses all games played in big, regulated casinos for suspicious trends. This approach may identify suspicious tendencies. The game shows patterns like placing the most significant bets on slot machines at specific times or spending a certain amount on poker cards.

Gambling bots or cheating software is a concern for casinos since they often win certain games. People can benefit from these tools. By blocking suspicious accounts, online casinos can deter cheaters.

Too many big victories

Many land-based and online casinos aim to balance their monthly salary with their winnings. This applies to all gambling. When a player gets a streak of fortunate occurrences in a short period, managers and management will be contacted immediately to maintain balance.

Getting all 10 keno numbers correctly or winning the lottery won’t ban you from gambling at casinos. You should know this beforehand. If you win, the staff will treat you as a proper star. Online casinos prefer card counters who have won medium-to-high-risk wagers. The only player they consider is this one. These players will likely exploit a weakness to enjoy a fortunate run.

Data breach

Any hacker who breaks into an online casino’s database cannot access related accounts. Company employees might ban your account to prevent your money or personal information theft.

Thieves constantly strive to enter online casinos. However, every large casino utilises the latest security techniques to prevent unauthorised entry. Breaches in data protection are generally remedied immediately. Some operators require password changes before allowing games or purchases. Additionally, this adds a layer of security.

Not fulfilling Terms and conditions

You agree to casino regulations when you establish an account. Disobeying their rules may result in the closure of your account. No one who doesn’t read the acceptable print risks breaching the easy rules.

Many gamers violate critical regulations by utilising numerous accounts from the same residence to obtain the welcome bonus. Fake IDs or documents are another way to verify an account. This violates the regulations against identity theft and money laundering.

How to Unlock Your Casino Account?

Unblocking your online gaming account requires finding the correct information. You may be concerned immediately if you discover you earned money in a blocked account. Not at all! Be patient while solving the issue; it may be simple.

First, phone your local casino’s customer care department. Live chat would be the quickest and simplest method to access that casino account. You must email or phone if they don’t have it.

Customer support should clarify the reason for blocking your account and enable you to reopen it. If it’s a minor mistake like inputting the incorrect login credentials, they may contact you to reset your account. You may then resume normal operations.

If verification is difficult, you may require supplementary documents to get back into your account. This applies to proof issues.

However, unblocking a frequently locked online casino account may take time and effort. If you violate the casino’s regulations or create a second account, the casino may permanently cancel your initial account. Legal action won’t be possible if it’s an obvious breach of their regulations.


Online casinos don’t offer accounts because of customer protection and industry laws. Failure to verify the user’s identity, establishing many accounts to take advantage of promotions, kids gaming, and unusual gains or behaviour may suggest illegal activity.

Although annoying, calling customer service and submitting further paperwork may resolve an account suspension. Avoiding the “online casino account blocked” situation requires diligent account security, terms and conditions, and identity verification.

To avoid abuse, only one family should utilise each bonus account. Account deactivation is challenging, yet online casinos need it for fair, legal, and secure play. Players should grasp why casinos block accounts to prevent this frustrating predicament.

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